Obedience Training – Comfortable & Professional

Whether it’s refining the basics, getting off the leash with advanced obedience, or even competitive obedience, we can help you reach your goals. Our training programs are customized for every dog and owner that we work with. Progressive K9 GTA’s trainers are experienced professionals with a deep understanding of canine behavior. They have extensive knowledge and training in various training techniques, allowing them to adapt their methods to suit different breeds, ages, and personalities.

With years of expertise, specialized programs, and dedication to positive reinforcement techniques, Progressive K9 GTA is an excellent choice for dog owners seeking professional obedience training. When you choose us, you’re investing in your dog’s well-being, strengthening your bond, and setting the foundation for a fulfilling and harmonious life together.

Behavior Modification – Get the Results You Need

PK9 specializes in helping dogs with behavioral issues. We deal with everything from jumping and over-excitement to reactivity and aggression issues. Get the results you need to improve your dog’s behavior and get on the right track. We understand that every dog is unique, and behavior issues have specific underlying causes.

The trainers at Progressive K9 GTA are experienced professionals with a deep understanding of dog behavior. They have extensive knowledge of various behavior modification techniques and use scientifically-backed methods to modify unwanted behaviors effectively. Their expertise ensures that your dog receives the most appropriate and effective behavior modification strategies.

Protection Training – Home & Personal Security

We provide protection training for dogs and owners that meet the qualifications for the program. This training is designed to give you reliable, controlled aggression on cue and in the places you need it. Come in and have your dog tested for the work. With our experienced trainers and proven techniques, we are committed to turning your four-legged companion into a reliable and trustworthy protector.

Progressive K9 GTA is dedicated to providing top-notch protection training for dogs. With our comprehensive training modules, experienced trainers, and personalized approach, we empower dogs to become reliable protectors. Whether you are seeking personal security, family protection, or commercial security solutions, our training program will equip your dog with the skills and instincts needed to excel in any protection role.

Board & Train – Get a Solid Foundation

Board & Train programs are there to give your dog a solid foundation to work from and to deal with behavioral problems quickly. Your dog will have professional training and structure every day and we give you the tools to maintain that training after your dog’s stay. Our program is designed to offer a comprehensive training experience, ensuring that your dog develops the necessary skills and behaviors for a harmonious life with you and your family.

Our Board & Train program offers an intensive training experience, where your dog will receive daily one-on-one sessions with our expert trainers. This immersive training approach ensures rapid progress and effective results. We firmly believe in building a strong bond of trust and understanding between you and your furry friend.

Scent Detection – Teach Your Dog to Use Their Nose

Give your dog a stimulating job that is fun for both dog and the owners. Witness the power of your dog’s nose. Dogs can be taught to locate a target odor (we use S.D.D.A odors wintergreen, pine, and thyme.) It’s much like narcotics or explosive detection dogs but just for fun. Scent detection engages your dog’s most powerful senses, providing them with a challenging mental workout. The process of identifying and locating scents stimulates their problem-solving skills, enhances their focus, and keeps their minds sharp.

Scent detection skills have practical applications in various fields. Dogs trained in scent detection can assist in search and rescue operations, detect illegal substances or contraband, locate missing persons, or even detect medical conditions. The possibilities are vast, and your dog’s abilities can make a significant difference in various real-life situations.

P.S.A. – Protection Sports Associates

Our trainers compete in the hardest protection dog sport in the world. PSA tests both the dog and the handler. It takes control and courage and requires a lot of dedication, but it is also a ton of fun. If you think you and your dog have what it takes, come in for a free consultation and join this exciting dog sport.

PSA training strengthens the bond between you and your dog through shared experiences, teamwork, and trust-building exercises. The sport requires effective communication and coordination, fostering a deeper connection between you and your furry companion. It provides an outlet for your dog’s physical energy and mental stimulation. The combination of obedience, agility, and protection work challenges their mind and body, promoting overall fitness and well-being.

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